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Fibo-Box Diseqc

The Fibo-Box Diseqc is a positioner for Diseqc motors. It is capable to send Diseqc 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 commands. The board has two F-connectors which both are output ports. Because of the the output ports the Fibo-Box Diseqc can drive two different Diseqc motors or one motor and a Diseqc switch at the same time. This unit needs a 12 Volts 500mA power supply to drive the Diseqc motor. A Diseqc motor usually needs 350mA. The onboard processor is powerred by USB. It has a "Go to zero" and manual adjustment for fine tuning. It is possible to set end limits in the software.

The PCB is approximately 5 by 7 cm.

The latitude and logitude of the users geografical position must be set first.

There is a grafical indication of the motor position.

Over 100 satellite positions can be stored.