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Fibo-Box Version 3

The Fibo-Box V3 is a positioner for two 36V satellite motors and one 5V servo motor. It can drive the azimuth, elivation and skew motor separately. This gives a full control over the dish. The Fibo-Box V3 is controlled by PC. There was much development on the Windows software to make it more surveyable and easy to use.

After the PCB was ready a suitable housing and power supply had to be found.

Fibo-Box V3 PCB

Fibo-Box V3 with toroidal transformer

Fibo-Box V3 with laminated core transformer

One option was to use an existing housing.

It still looks like a V-Box2

The back reveals it is modified

The original PCB is replaced

A new housing and power supply proved to be less expensive.

New housing frontside

New housing backside

New housing inside

What defenitely was missing on the boxes was a nice front panel. A front panel was designed including some signal lights to give a indication of the status of the box. The first four leds tell if all voltages are correct. There is a led indicating USB connectivity, a led indication a blown fuse and two leds show motor sensor output (indicating movement). Finaly there are four leds to show if motor power is supplied.

New front panel

Changed backside

The inside

The Windows software.

Azimuth control

Elevation control

Skew control

Tools menu

Select satellite dropdown box

View the list of satellites

Edit the list of satellites